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04/07/2011 - We're having a contest!
Be sure to check out our red hand contest link on the side or click here for full details including prize list. You won't be disapointed I promise.
03/30/2011 - ANIMOSITY by James Newman now shipping!
The new novel from James Newman titled ANIMOSITY is now shipping. We're announcing the title and shipping it at the same time to make it easier on everyone. No preorder was offered.

ANIMOSITY features an introduction by Ray Garton and superb cover and interior art by Alex McVey and it is already receiving some phenomenal reviews.
Click here to get your copy now!
03/16/2011 - Quick Update
A quick update for everyone. ANIMOSITY is now shipping to us from the printer. We'll have ordering information up for the title when it arrives and is ready to ship in a few days. Also, be sure to check out the NEP message board/forum for advance reviews and other great stuff.
02/25/2011 - New Book Release!
We are pleased to announce that our next release will be a new novel titled ANIMOSITY by James Newman. We expect to have this in our hands very soon and will start taking orders when it's ready to ship out. In the meantime enjoy a teaser and full book trailer for the novel made by James Futch.
Click to see ANIMOSITY teaser
Full Trailer
Click to see ANIMOSITY trailer
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